dE/dx Calculator — Ionization Energy Loss — B. A. Weaver

Welcome to the Stopping Power Calculator. This calculator replicates some of the functionality of the CRange package. Numerical results should be the same as the C++ code, for identical inputs. To report numerical discrepancies or other errors, please visit CRange Issues.

You may wish to use the target list to find out if the target material is currently supported.

  • Task "Range" computes the distance an ion will travel for a given energy in a given material.
  • Task "Energy" computes the final energy of an ion after a passage through a given distance in a given material with a given initial energy.
  • Task "dE/dx" computes the rate of energy loss (per unit distance) of an ion in a given material at a given initial energy.
  • All energy units are A MeV (MeV/nucleon).
  • All distance units are g cm-2 (density times physical distance).
  • The "Range" and "Energy" tasks require computation of a look-up table internally, so the first time these tasks are executed, computation can take several minutes. Subsequent computations with similar inputs (ion and target material) should be very fast.
Input Data


Units are A MeV.
Distance traversed in target material. Units are g cm-2.
Number of protons; atomic number.
Number of nucleons; atomic mass.

Optional Effects (Code 40)

ID Task E dx Z A Target Effects Result Units